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United States
Dev ID by the wonderful :iconsky-lin3r: Thank you!

Because nobody seems to get it:

I do not take requests.
I do not take commissions.
I do not do art trades.

I only rarely make exceptions for friends.

I do, however, occasionally put up adoptables, and will sometimes surprise people with gift art. But do not ask for gift art. If you do, you will not get any.</i>


I'm KHwhitelion, but call me Tex.

I like art. And writing. And AUs.

I've been drawing and writing since I was very small, and have no plans to stop now!

Much of my inspiration comes from Shakespeare, and classic 20s, 30s and 40s films. Horror in particular.

Currently loving: X-men, Other things Marvel, Disney, Monster High, Ever After High, and Equestria Girls


KHwhitelion has started a donation pool!
1,601 / 3,000
I guess it would be nice to buy point commissions and the like, since I can't do it with actual money, and can't buy points myself due to various reasons.

I'm not asking or really expecting anything...but if you're feeling friendly or just sympathetic when I'm having a bad day, drop a few in. Your donations will be greatly appreciated :)

And remembered :heart:

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I've had terrible, terrible internet. 
Terrible. And I've been super busy. And my tablet isn't working properly.
So. Like the title says, that's why I've been absent. 
I haven't lost interest, and I'm not intentionally ignoring anyone. 
This is just the first time I've been able to get on dA in like a week. 
It's incredibly frustrating. 

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NoNoNoBeingJerkJerk Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  New member
Dear: Tex/KHwhitelion

Sad true story: Once there is a girl back in the 90s the girl was born premature, but sadly she was blind in one eye and got a scar on her back of the right leg and has other scares, she got was diagnosed with autsim, she started love to draw, she likes to ask, her parents thought she would die when she's 5 months old, but she survived!

Yes, I'm just a poor girl, but you rudely blocked me without a respect, please don't be a jerk, don't be disrespect, don't be cruel, why would you do something like that to someone, please let her to give a her a reply about why your not a huge fan of the disney couple and that there is a misspell to fix, how many times she has to complain the truth, she is very upset for calling her a harasser, no she is only trying to make you answer kindly, but she's out of control for being a blocked victim so she madly didn't want to be blocked by you on her original account, again, please be kind enough to unblock her and unhidden her two original comments please, reply her back something about your wonderful opinions, why would a human being blocked another human being online that was innocent?

Stop right there and please reply on her own original account after you unblock her, please delete her K name here… could you just promise her?

She is harmless, she isn't not asking about personal, she's wondering about your opinion how come and a misspell ocurred there.
NohatingRude Featured By Owner Edited May 8, 2015  New member
Excuse me, where is your reply and my comment, why did you just hide my comment without any kind replies, please give me an answer about her, do you or did not understand how she felt for still being a victim for being blocked by you recently last month?

Did you by any chance unblock her, please give me an explaination?

Dear Tex

What have you done to this harmless person, she is trying to respect you to correct your misspell on your sentence on a hate list, she is just wanting to kindly know how come your not a huge fan of the disney couple and others she can't remember, because you hidden her comment, she asked you to please unhidden her comment and you disrespectfully blocked her without a kind reply, that was sin, God will punish you for what you did to this seriously poor person with autism that loves to draw, have hobbies love to ask a little questions and loves animey/animated shows like you!

Then you said she is a harasser? No way, she can't be a harasser, she is just pleasing you to answer her a reply, it should been a kind thing, you should of replied, you shouldn't hidden someone's comments, cus that is ridiculous for what you've done, that's cyber-bullying, apologies to her, unblock her, unhidden her original comments and reply to her, please so that she'll be happy?

She is all in depressed and sad for making her a victim of being blocked, do you understand and believe she is only trying to be a wonderful kind person?

Please Tex think about her feelings how she is that you messed up what you've did!
Sandeyes Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Well hey there, sweet pea :) 

It seems you're having a hard time getting something through your head.

So I'm gonna make this clear and crystal, just for you! :)  Won't that be great?

See, Tex is her own person.  She is free to do what she wants, and she owes no one, certainly not you or your 'friend' an explanation for anything. Your 'friend' may have felt it best that she ask Tex these questions, but Tex has no reason or need or desire to answer this. And she can do that!  She owes no one that ;) do you see?  Do you understand?  Tex doesn't owe you.  She doesn't owe your 'friend'.  It doesn't matter if your 'friend' has any number of mental disabilities or problems, if Tex doesn't want to answer or talk with 'her', she doesn't have to!  And it's too bad if that hurts your 'friend's' feelings, but that's how it is.

Now, the mature and better thing to do would be for your 'friend' to let this go and move on, like an adult person, and that can be done!  Just ignore Tex :) it's as simple as that!  In fact, if you do that, it would make her a lot happier.

You see, constantly badgering someone on multiple accounts is very rude :( it is called harassment, in fact.  And no one likes to be harassed! I don't like to be harassed, and I bet you don't either. It's not something nice to do to anyone. But what you are doing now is in fact harassment :( Tex does not want to talk to you! It may be unfortunate for you, but that is the fact. She has her reasons for that, and it would be good of you to understand that ;) 

Because, you see, at the end of the day, coming to her page and her pieces and commenting as you have, you are bullying her into trying to be your friend :( now, that's not how friends are made! Oh no, they are not. That is how bullies and those they bully are made, and unfortunately, you are the bully :( you are bullying her and harassing her, and God does not approve of that.  He wants all of us to be loving and forgiving and understanding!  It's what makes us better people :) you want to be a better person, don't you?  I'm sure you do :) 

So, unfortunately for your 'friend', Tex is not going to reply to any of 'her' comments or unblock 'her' because she has harassed Tex for over a month now, and I really think that is far too long. I do hope your friend will have the maturity to accept that, don't you? It would be very good of her :) and then she would really be a wonderful and kind person!

Now do take care, darling, and take these words to heed :) it would help you and your 'friend' so darn much!  

NoNoNoBeingJerkJerk Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2015  New member
Sandeyes, I'm not happy what you've said, Ii'm not the bully, she's the one doing the wrong choice to block me which make me so upset, I don't believe that, I believe that was sinful way for blocking me without a reply and don't know why the reason she hide my comment in my original account in the first place, I wasn't her friend for a while, I just want to ask a question and kindly that there is a misspell there to remind her, doesn't mean I tried bullying her and no I wasn't trying to be rude creating another account, I only was trying to make another chance for her to understand!sad 

I'm just so upset extremely for blocking me, she make me become a victim being blocked and I hated that, I want to be like other people on here DA never ever been blocked, before as well I had too other users did that, it's driving me crazy, I was only trying to just wonder about her opinions and a misspell she had and then she hide my comment without my permission, I asked and she blocked me, what a jerk, how cruel and rude for blocking me in a horrible way, do you understand how I felt, I'm devastated, I feel alone for not being just like other users here never been blocked?

It bothers me forever, as well I still want the other 2 users unblock me too, now I currently have 3 blocked me, what cruel rude people are, I'm no bad person, I'm just a good curious person that's all who I am.:( (Sad) 

I'm just sick and feel hurt, already for having currently blocked by 3 users, which I don't want to be, I wish everything back the way it was so just in case I reply them a little, again or correctly once in a life account, it's like murdering for me not to speak, again well it's blocking for not having a opportunity to comment, again seeing the no bubble, I just don't want to see that were'e sorry... cannot post here note seeing every time, I have never ever want to be blocked, plus my innocence is gone after I got blocked by the first user when i didn't know there is a way to blocked from not seeing any buttons saying block user, it was disaster and hurtful I ever see!

I'm not a harasser, Tex is wrong, she didn't knew I'm just curiously innocent and yes it's true, we should get a long with this dirty choice this other person has, no making people victim of block! :happyslap: 

I'm not a harasser, Tex is wrong she should knew I'm just curious!

It was cruel to block an innocent curious autistic person!
Sandeyes Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh honey, I guess you didn't understand...

At the end of the day, Tex can do whatever she wants, and if she wants to block you, she can :) You have continued to bother her now for a month!  You could say you are stalking her, and that is very rude, wouldn't you agree?  You see, darling, you may have been a curious, innocent little thing, but now a month has passed, and you are no longer.  You are a harasser, a stalker, a bully, and that is very, very wrong.  Surely you can see that?  You're a smart, curious autistic person, can't you see that you are hurting and causing much grief to Tex?  

You are a bully, sweet pea.  A bully to Tex, a harasser and a stalker.  You are a bad person to her :( 

You must understand that some people are not meant to be friends, and you must accept that.  Think of how much happier you will be :) You can move on with your life and stop being a harassing, stalking bully!  Wouldn't that be great?  Wouldn't that be wonderful?? :D

So, darling, you must understand that it is cruel to continue coming to someone's page, someone's comment and artwork, and continue bothering them beyond what is acceptable.  You have crossed that line!  You have made people feel uncomfortable and scared and hurt, and that is so, so wrong :( I'm certain you don't want to do that, so you should be a good person now and stop bothering Tex and these other people :) there are other friends to be made here, and clearly these people are not them, so you should buck up and move on :) You can be a better person and a good person, and leave Tex and the others alone, I know you can!

And remember, it's her page :) she can do, hide, block, post whatever she wants.  And she will continue to do so for as long as she's alive!

(3 Replies)
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