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EQG: out with the leather, in with the new by KHwhitelion
EQG: out with the leather, in with the new
"Hey, Erik." Spoke Sunset Shimmer, a tentative smile fixed above her chin. "I see you scrapped the leather jacket... kind of nice, isn't it?"  The older teen froze, fingers stilling midway through the combination of his locker. 

"What do you want, Sunset?"

"Nothing." She quickly replied, forcing herself to swallow alarm. She wasn't that girl anymore, she'd saved the world this time. Earned her ears, tail... forgiveness would hopefully follow. "I just wanted to apologize." Erik's brow rose. "I wasn't very nice to you when we went out." Continued Sunset, threading hands behind her back. A sigh followed, smile fading. "I know it's been a while, but I never said anything so... I thought I would, now." If it wasn't too late. If it was, she'd made friends, officially found a mentor of sorts in Twilight Sparkle... it would simply be nice to officially tuck away her past, move on and start again. 

Erik's next words were quiet, so much so, she nearly missed them. "I heard you stopped the Dazzlings. Is that true?" 

"Yeah." Sunset Shimmer nodded. She pointed to her head. "Even had the pony ears. Guess I'm officially one of them, huh?" Smile returned, still sheepish, still small. 

If Erik found humor in her statement (or anything else for that matter) he kept it to himself, looking at her like he had since the Formal. "I see." Perhaps her ambition got the best of her; for a moment, a sliver of ice melted from his eyes. "So we've both found our happiness." 

She knew he meant Charles, but his statement still surprised her; Sunset blinked, then nodded. "Yeah." She answered, more confident than before. For she was happy now. Still finding her way around the friendship thing, and stumbling more days than not over forgiveness but... happiness? She'd found it, no question. "Uh, look.." said the fire-haired girl after a time, "I promised the girls I'd be at rehearsal on time, so I need to go. It was nice talking to you, Erik." She turned, preparing to go. As she did, she could have sworn she caught a smile from the corner of her eye.

"You too."


Crappy drabble is crappy.

I LOVE EQUESTRIA GIRLS DON'T JUDGE ME. This has been eating my mind since I saw Rainbow Rocks. Sunset Shimmer and Erik Lehnsherr dated for a while in my crossover AU but now that Sunset's reformed I just had to wonder how a reunion would go, post-sequel. I'm not entirely happy with the written part, and his head is too small in the drawing but I'm proud of how they look individually XD; Sunset is HARD to draw. 

Equestria Girls (c) Hasbro
Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier (c) Marvel Comics
I really, really love Sunset Shimmer ;-; finally saw the TV version of Rainbow Rocks (was it cut for time at all?) and ajhgssaaaaa SUNSET YOU POOR GIRL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 

Also omg Maud and Derpy and Flash and TwilightShimmer don't judge me I really loved Rainbow Rocks ;-;)
At peace in the clouds by KHwhitelion
At peace in the clouds
I can't believe I'm venturing back to this corner of the Disneyverse, but a few people have asked me about my creative choices regarding Rebecca and DWoW, so I figure I'd post an explanation. 

Before I do, please note I excluded her heart cheek on purpose since it's not a natural spot so I decided she wouldn't have it n death. 

Now then:
People who knew me during my DWoW days know I play Rebecca and know, in turn, she died a few years ago. What they may not know is why I have requested she remain deceased.
Anyone who remembers DWoW Rebecca remembers how fragile she was, mentally. Traumatized early on by a pup she thought loved her, driven by fatigue, shattered relief and a broken heart to self-mutilation, losing her big-sister figure... she was a shell of the girl living in De Vil Ville, surviving day by day in a war zone.

Actually, I'm gonna take a break from this and note that looking back, I'm not entirely happy with my choices for Rebecca's early storyline: now that I've a better grasp of her character I dont' think she would have hurt herself that way but I was trying to win the sympathy card (in character) over... everything else going on, which I did, but if I had the chance to start again from scratch, I would've drawn on her strength. She is strong, Rebecca is... but circumstances being what they were, I decided to call on my hears of experience in the tragedy genre and again, succeeded. 

Now that that's out of the way, back to the story. 

Rebecca's death was a blessing for her. Her body and mind were once again at peace. In the Palace of the Great Kings (at least at the time, things have changed since I left) the dead could spend their afterlife free of pain, anxiety, all of that. Rebecca knew she'd never be able to return to De Vil Ville, but now she had a new home, a better, safe, beautiful home she had no desire to leave.

If she had, it would have broken her beyond any feasible repair. Taking someone like her and tossing her back into a broken body, a war filled with the injured, loss, illness and constant tension ... it would have overwhelmed her. She wouldn't revert mentally, but being ripped away from her paradise back into this? Something in her would have snapped in far worse a way than before... I fear she may have become catatonic and maybe suicidal... and no amount of shipping would have fixed her. She never wanted to fight, and could not bare to see someone else she cared about fall ill or die like Penny had. I said she wouldn't revert and I meant it but she would have been left with severe PTSD and probably would have had to remained confined for her own safety.

I couldn't do that to her. In good conscience, I could not throw that poor girl back into the war. Fictional or not, beloved or not, her pain has ended and she deserves to rest in peace. 

Rebecca, 101 Dalmatians (c) Disney
Alright, dA, it's time for a life update. A lot's happened lately, so I'll cut to the most important. 
My health has been declining lately. I don't know how or why, but over the last year it's gradually taken me longer to overcome illnesses. I catch them so easily, if I push myself while still sick, I'll catch something else. As a naturally stressed individual, this has me greatly concerned, as stress is the main cause in my getting sick to begin with.
I am not leaving dA, and I'm not going on hiatus but from this point on, I need to be very careful how involved I get in 'internet drama.' For lack of a better word, I mean people, topics and situations more stressful than others.  I do this not as an attack or some elitist ehat have you, but because I live in a tense environment as it is and I desperately do not want to end up in the hospital again. 
It's my hope I'll have answers sooner than later but until then, this is all I can think to do. I'm sorry.
Happy Halloween! by KHwhitelion
Happy Halloween!
I know it's early, but I won't have time to draw on Halloween itself, so have an early vamp!Becca.

Because who doesn't love her?

101 Dalmatians (c) Disney


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I'm KHwhitelion, but call me Tex.

I like art. And writing. And AUs.

I've been drawing and writing since I was very small, and have no plans to stop now!

Much of my inspiration comes from Shakespeare, and classic 20s, 30s and 40s films. Horror in particular.

Currently loving: X-men, Other things Marvel, Disney, and MLP


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I really, really love Sunset Shimmer ;-; finally saw the TV version of Rainbow Rocks (was it cut for time at all?) and ajhgssaaaaa SUNSET YOU POOR GIRL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. 

Also omg Maud and Derpy and Flash and TwilightShimmer don't judge me I really loved Rainbow Rocks ;-;)


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